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I have been suffering from tight, sore upper body muscles, and low back issues for 20 years. I have tried massage and traditional stretching. Though these methods provide some temporary relief, FST is a game changer. After a session with Lisa, my body is aligned properly and my range of motion dramatically improves. I have less pain and soreness from exercise. However, the most remarkable result is the amount of energy I have hours later and into the following day. It is as if everything in my body flows better and I feel like a new person. It truly is amazing!

- Robin K.

The ultimate professional, Lisa is caring, compassionate, and dedicated to treating each patient back to health. With her background as a Physical Therapist, Lisa takes the time to understand your specific needs and how Facial Stretching Therapy can be a part of a complete program to help you reach your goals.

When you have your first session of fascial stretch therapy with Lisa, she'll do a great job explaining the concept, how the session will go, and what to expect. At every step of the way, she will indicate what she is doing, why, and how you can assist in the process. So it's always an interactive session.

I plan to keep going to FST with Lisa to ensure I can sustain my level of health and fitness for a long time!

- Phil S.

I've been working with Lisa for a few years on post-workout stretching, and it has helped my recovery and general flexibility significantly. She is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of physical therapy and able to respond effectively to injuries and any concerns regarding physical wellness. She is wonderful, and I highly recommend her!

- Rena K.

I was having intense neck and back pain for months leading up to my appointment with Lisa. I had gone to some doctors and had massages but hadn't felt any relief. In one session, Lisa's full body work - that was tailored specifically to my problem areas - helped me feel better for weeks following our appointment. I went back to her about a month later for another session, and the work we did built off of everything we'd done during our first session. She also gave me great resources for stretching and PT exercises that I could do on my own at home. She is truly the best!!

- Jess L.